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March 12th 2018: Important new independent commissioned Report on Casino/Kingsway Arena/Entertainment project is presented this date and is available here and deserves your attention.


January 3rd 2017 Public Meeting to present concerns with respect to proposed Casino organized by Cathy Orlando,Ruby Lougheed and Tom Price - Good media coverage with Sudbury Star article here.  Access audio youtube audio 


For information provided by Tom Fortin who has spent considerable time researching this subject click here:  Our position remains the same - to revisit the decision to allow expanded gambling in Sudbury with all factors, economic and social and health being considered.  For a fully independant review and report of Casinos and gambling go to

Did you know that a Casino would effect the 155 local charities that benefit from local Bingo establishments who contribute over 2.5 million dollars to these groups.  Casino money goes to the province and only a small return to the community.  Find our more at

Casinos have been turned down in Kingston, Vaughn, Mississauga, Durham, Hamilton and Toronto - next Sudbury?

Kingstonians voted overwhelmingly against the possibility of a casino coming to Kingston.

Anne Lougheed, one of the founders of the No Casino Kingston movement, said she was thrilled with the results, which were not yet official.  "It's at about 71 per cent I think," she said. "And I'm not really surprised. Casinos are going to be a dead industry." She said the results are a real indication of what Kingstonians wanted.

Outgoing Coun. Brian Reitzel said the results should end the public discussion on the issue. "(The results) should put the issue to bed once and for all," said Reitzel. "If that's the way council views it, no matter how many people came out to vote, most candidates would abide by the referendum results." Ed Smith was contacted by the Whig-Standard as the end results came in. "I don't think you could have a greater mandate. People in Kingston don't want to see a casino," he said, referring to the results of the referendum. "We were thinking that maybe it would have been 60%-plus," he said, adding: "It's even stronger that."

In 2012, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced a "modernization" plan for the province's casinos. Kingston, like dozens of other municipalities, was asked if it was interested being a casino host. Councillors voted "in principal" to the possibility in October 2012. Not long after, the organization "No Casino Kingston" was formed by a variety of prominent, well-known opponents in the community, including former senator Hugh Segal and Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip.

There are some parallels to Sudbury with respect to the Kingston situation: 

Like Sudbury, Kingston has a nearby gaming facility in Gananoque (like we have in Chelmsford).  A facility in Kingston would result in the Gananoque facility being closed (the same as would happen to Chelmsford if Sudbury were to have a more population centered facility - like downtown). 

There are a number of economic effects to be considered as well as the social impact of expanding (and relocating) gaming activity in Greater Sudbury.  It is the position of Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury in support of No Casino - Sudbury that a full and objective review take place on this matter by the new council in cooperation with the community.   

"The attempt (inseparable from gambling) to make a profit out of the inevitable loss and possible suffering of others is the antithesis of that love of one's neighbour" .. William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury - 1932

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Be informed: Review the material on this website and decide for yourself if you want to see a casino in Greater Sudbury and its possible location.  If after consideration you feel a casino offers no benefit and presents some real social and economic concerns please add your name to the web petition below or available at many retail establishments, churches and other locations throughout Greater Sudbury. 

Breaking News:  Another city votes against Casino (report from Toronto Star see below)

Vaughan councillors have voted 5-4 to kill the idea of a casino in their city, turning around a 5-4 vote in favour of pursuing one back in May. The swing vote was cast by deputy mayor Gino Rosati, who told residents minutes before his motion to kill the plan passed that he’d learned since May “that the vast majority of you do not want a casino in the city of Vaughan.” The move by Vaughan council, which will have to give final approval to killing the casino at the upcoming council meeting, means the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. is without a willing partner in the GTA. Tuesday’s vote means Mississauga and Richmond Hill are the only two locations remaining on OLG’s list of potential partners. Mississauga councillors have stated they have little interest in the idea.

Question:  When will Sudbury City Council reconsider their decision for a Casino in Sudbury? 

Special Casino Meeting Held in Sudbury  - Panel Discussion:

Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury annual Fall meeting featured a panel discussion on the issue of a proposed Casino for Sudbury.  On the panel moderated by Friendly to Seniors Chair John Lindsay were Tom Fortin, local businessman, Dr. David Robinson, economics professor, Laurentian University and Dorothy Thomson, retired nurse and board member of Friendly to Seniors.  Dorothy who admits to being a gambler, talked about the social costs and that gamblers do not frequent local business.  Tom Fortin was also concerned that the majority of casino dollars do not go into the business community, the same message as that of David Robinson who added that there is virtually no prospect of gaining revenue from outside the area.  Both were concerned that the local chamber of commerce and economic development dept. of the city had not considered the negative impact of expanded gambling in the city and urged them to do so noting that the city of Vaughn, just north of Toronto had just recently overturned a previous decision to support a casino.  See this TV video story on the meeting:

    Sudbury Star Article (Aug 7th) Casino means net loss

    Sudbury and District Board of Health Rejects Casino for Sudbury:

    Local Voices: Professor David Robinson and Paul Lowenberg:

    Northern LIfe Two Page Economic Concerns

    Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury Concerns:

    Report on Casinos by Independent Review  

   Ruby Lougheed Yawney - letter to community

    The Pinocchio Parable - Lessons for Today:

Other cities have had nocasino initiatives:  Check the links out below:

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    See names and comments of those already signed: 

Just some of the names of fellow citizens - friends of our community:  Oryst Sawchuck, Michael Hennessey, Hilda Allision, Marc Charbonneau, Shawn Day, Gisele Simard, Ron Whitman, Carol Tiller, Cathy Scott, Lynn Boissonnault, June and Arthur Gaudet,  Brian Bartell, Mark Ament, Cathy Orlando, Deb and Ralph McIntosh, Doris Schwar, Matt Alexander, Hugh Kruzel, Jenny Albers, Kevin Closs, Suzanne Francisco, Perry MacGirr, Sarah Kantor, Rev. Ted Harrison, Leonora Ferguson, Diane Robinson, Rick Smith, Brett Buchanan, Doug Tompssett, Jane Pitblado, Tom Fortin, Glen Murray, Judith Maki, Linda Cartier, Olli Matikainen, Nora Lea Arcand, Betty Choaqueette, Robin and Barbara Bolton, Michael King, Judith and Doug Hallman, Rev. Dave LeGrand, Ruth McGrath, Rachel Prichard, Carolyn Shim, Earl Park, Gord Slade, Gary Fitzpatrick, Andre Secord, John Richard England, Mary Donato, Ron Shank, Lizette Gascon, Gaston and Heather Roy, Elaine Dreger, Dr. Roger and Dr. Chris Nash, Darlene Benoit, Tommy Kameka, Donald Jackson, Patrica McLean, Monique Liukko, Valentina Cisneros, Dale Dunn, Peter and Lucette schneider, Rev. John Sheperd, Margret L. Whitehead, Ella Young, Judy Sumner, David Robinson, Margo LIttle, Peter M. Clark, Henna and Paul Rintala, George Duquette, Brian David Lougheed, Dre. Ronald H. Lange, K.V. Nagarajan, Karen Danielson, Bob Rivard, Terry Carscadden, Boba Samuels, Ernie Checkeris, Doreen Dewar, Ihor Prociuk ....... and hundreds more from just the on-line petition - many others have signed paper copies of the petition now in circulation.  Already over 1,000 signatures have been collected, more on a population ratio than were collected in Toronto.  But more are need to convince city council to reconsider their decision...let others know and encourage them to sign - numbers do matter!

A few of the many comments from the on-line signatures:

I know first hand that gambling hurts families. My ex husband was addicted to gambling and would often go to the London slots and spend $500 or more in a matter of hours while myself and my children suffered. We couldn't afford much and the money came from credit cards which caused even more debt. The people of Sudbury don't need a casino. In these financially troubled times the last thing we need is more casinos. The government is targeting lower income families who can't afford this ADDICTION.

We do not need any more casinos! That blasted casino in Chelmsford was one of the main reasons why my marriage ended!!!!!

People and families have a hard enough time getting through financially. A casino will ruin many lives and leave people destitute, children without food to eat, a home even no parents! A luxury for a very few, a 'debt' sentence for many!

This is an attack on our local economy and our resiliency as a community. Shame!

I am not clear about who the council thinks this project will serve. Certainly not me and my friends living downtown. Certainly not my daughter and her young family who chose to live elsewhere - just gives her reason to be ashamed of where she grew up. Is it about the money? I see the mayor front and centre with that logo glaring in front of her during her address yesterday. How embarrassing! Are we to suffer the same fate as some other cities with councils, and more particularly, mayors who push their own agendas without long site into the consequences to their communities? (as an aside - an indoor waterplay facility in conjunction with this casino? Sudbury families enjoy the privilege of enjoying nature summer and winter, and take good advantage of this as we all know. So are we existing in councils' eyes as merely a tourist destination? Casino and waterplay facility denigrate our well-earned reputation as a tourist destination - a reputation, achieved through much more worthy ventures such as our Science Centre)

Being a recovered alcoholic myself I know the strong hold addictions can have. I really does break my heart that we are not going forward in this society but rather back wards by causing more problems, let's be pro-active.

My research published in The Moral Dilemma of High Stakes Gambling as well as The Other Woman Was Lady Luck reveals that government sponsored gaming destroys families and creates many social ills in our communities. The government ignores the high rate of suicide connected to out of control gambling. Thanks to Ruby for raising awareness about the plight of gambling widows and others affected by problem gambling. For resources check out and

We have known many people who have totally destroyed their lives by gambling. They have even had to serve time in jail.. Not to mention the impact on their families. Gambling in the long run costs society more than it ever makes, and gives false hope. Just speak to people who have been through it.

 I worked in the addictions field for fifteen years and witnessed the tragic results of compulsive gambling.

Looking at the figures ... The Economic Impact of a new "Central" Casino for Sudbury.  According to the OLG the majority of the income would come from our area - in other words - money from our citizens that would leave our area and our economy every single year.  It's obvious - the winner is the OLG (the province) and the American operators.  Read more on these figures by clicking here.

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